Tell a new story

We are in a unique period of history when the old story is no longer working. We are the ones who get to write the new story of who we are becoming.

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We live our lives based on the stories we have been told about ourselves, others and the way the world works. These stories told us who we were and what we should do; who we could never be and what we must never do. The old narratives defined us by our gender and race, by our age and religion. They told us what someone like me and someone like you could and couldn't do; could and couldn't be in this world.

The reality we are all currently living is that these stories are failing us; we have evolved beyond them. The old stories no longer work and it is time for something new.

Now is the time for people like you and I to pick up our pens and reimagine a new story. We can change the story about what someone like me 'should' or 'shouldn't' be or do in this world.


There is a new narrative asking to be created, and you get to be part of its creation.


I too am in the process of writing a new story for myself and my family. As I create something new, I share some of the thoughts and lessons I learn in my writing.



Online coaching courses and workshops, retreats and 121 coaching offerings to help support those who are ready to tell a new story in their life or work. 



Books and resources on creating something new, and on my own journey of deconstructing a life, faith, and way of being in the world that no longer worked.

As a coach and writer, I help people to reimagine a new story.

I work with people in business, in faith organisations, in charities and in communities to start to tell a new story by ripping up the old one and creating something new.

I work with individuals who are tired of living the life they 'should' and want to tell a new story through living a life free from the old rules and restrictions.

I create workshops and retreats and books that help you to tell your own new story.

In tiny pockets all over the world, I empower people to pick up their pen and start to write a new world into being.