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I'm Helen, a certified life and leadership coach. I help people to reimagine a new story for themselves in the areas of life where they're thinking...


'something has to change'

I help people make those changes. 

As a coach, I am passionate about people finding a way of living that brings them joy. Life can be hard, and there is much that is outside of our control. Focusing on these areas keeps us feeling stuck and powerless. I work with people to identify the areas of life that are in their control. Making conscious, aligned choices can create a life you love where you feel empowered, fulfilled and at choice.

Knowing how to start to make these choices can feel overwhelming, and this is why working with a coach can help you to know where to look and how to make decisions that will lead you forward. Many of my clients come to me knowing that something needs to change but find themselves sticking with things that aren't working - at work, at home, in their health and relationships - because they feel they've tried to make changes in the past but nothing has worked.


The key is to understand why you are sticking with choices that no longer (or maybe never!) work for you. What narrative have you been living out that is keeping you stuck? What expectations have you accepted from others that won't allow you to change? Who have you been told you 'should' be or can't be that forces you to keep going in an old story?


Once you can understand what the narrative is you have been conditioned to accept, then you can start the journey of reimagining a better story for yourself.

I have coached hundreds of people out of old, unfulfilling stories in their marriages, relationships, work lives, personal identity, faith and many more examples. I have helped them to let go of old narratives of who they should be and what they should do; of things they must believe and think and stay in and never, ever do.

And I have helped them to make the steps to walk out a new and better story about who they are, and what they can imagine and believe and live in alignment to. They became free to not only imagine something better, but to live it.

work with me

I work with anyone who is ready to make a change in their life - from living according to what they have been told they 'should', to living according to what brings them to life and makes them feel fulfilled.  

This can be in work, in a relationship, in a faith system or in your life in general - mental wellness, masculinity/femininity, identity.


All you need, is to be willing to ask the question - what is the better story I want my life to tell?


You don't need to know the answer - that's what I'm here for. Not to tell you, but to guide you to find a better way.

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