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Tell a better story

Are you tired

of the story you're telling? 

It's time to tell a better story.

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Our lives tell a story.


In fact, we are telling multiple stories through the choices we make each and every day. Some of these stories can be incredibly beautiful - tales of love and hope and resilience and adventure. But some of the stories we have been handed and asked to live out are no longer working for us.

Throughout my time working as a professional coach, I constantly meet clients who are unhappy in the story their life is telling. The problem is that they didn't know how to get out of that story without feeling like they have to quit their lives (hello, mid-life crisis!)

The truth is that it is entirely possible to change the narrative of your life in healthy and helpful ways where you can begin a better story in your work, your relationships, your health, your faith... in a thousand different ways.

You, my dears, can tell a beautiful story in 'your one wild a precious life'*. The question is, are you ready to let go of the old, broken story that is keeping you from the fullness you deeply desire?

* quote by the fabulous Mary Oliver's poem @The Summer Day'


I too am in the process of writing a new story for myself and my family. As I create something new, I share some of the thoughts and lessons I learn in my writing.



Online coaching courses and workshops, retreats and 121 coaching offerings to help support those who are ready to tell a new story in their life or work. 



Books and resources on creating something new, and on my own journey of deconstructing a life, faith, and way of being in the world that no longer worked.

As a coach and writer, I help people to reimagine a new story.

I work with people in business, in faith organisations, in charities and in communities to start to tell a new story by ripping up the old, broken narratives and creating something new.

I work with individuals who are tired of living the life they 'should' and want to tell a new story through living a life free from the old rules and restrictions.

I create workshops and retreats and books that help you to tell your own better story.

In tiny pockets all over the world, I empower people to pick up their pen and start to write a new world into being.

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