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Hi, I'm Helen and I am a writer and certified coach. I work with a range of people helping them to get past the internal blocks that are keeping them from being their best - in leadership, in work, at home and in their relationships.

So many people feel stuck or trapped in lives that don't work for them. Sometimes that is because of circumstances but often what is keeping them stuck is the fear of making changes.


We tend to live the lives we've been conditioned to accept are 'good' or 'right'. We become who we should be; we do what we should do; we try to be a success in the ways the world has taught us we should be successful in... we spend all our energies being who we should be. 

But that 'should life' is often the very thing keeping us trapped. We can achieve everything on the list that we learned would make us a success in life, and still be deeply unhappy and discontented. 


Insights into the process of

creating your life, how to live a life you love, and some of the obstacles we all face along the way.



Online coaching courses and resources to help you on the journey of living free.



Books and resources on living free, and on my own journey of deconstructing a life, faith, and way of being in the world that no longer worked.

The problem with living the life you should is that the actual real life you could  have gets placed to one side and forgotten about.


I help people through my writing and coaching to question the conditioning they've been swimming in their whole lives in order to discover a way of living free. Who would you be and what would you do if you didn't have to live by other people's expectations? What if you got to change that thing that just isn't working? What if you trusted your instinct that is already telling you the way forward, but it feels like swimming against the current?

The more I have learned to go inwards and trust myself rather than trusting the chorus of voices around me, the happier and freer I have become. So now I help other people to make that journey - not as a guru adding more shoulds to your life - but as a fellow wanderer helping you to navigate the journey of learning how to trust your own wisdom to make the necessary changes to live free.