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coaching packages


finding fulfilment

This is the place to start if you haven't done any coaching before. In this six-month coaching journey, you will find out who you are, what you want, how to make changes, how to set life-giving goals and how to live from a place of authenticity. This is a great way to experience the power of a coaching relationship.

This package consists of twelve 50-minutes coaching sessions conducted via Zoom.


re-imagine the story

This is my signature package that takes you on a journey to understand the narrative you are currently living by in your life, faith, work or identity. This journey leads you to deconstruct an old, ill-fitting narrative, in order to tell a better story on the other side.



This is a six-month coaching package with twelve 50-minute video coaching sessions and ongoing messaging support.


monthly coaching

If you have completed a six-month coaching package with me, you can choose to access ongoing coaching support at any time by booking monthly coaching packages. This can have a life coaching, leadership coaching or business coaching focus.


This monthly package consist of two

50-minute sessions.

Not quite ready?

Why not sign up to my twice-monthly email list where you can access coaching exercises, prompts and questions as well as one-off coaching opportunities ONLY available to my email subscribers. You can see the work I do and 'try out' the coaching space without having to commit to a full coaching package. 

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