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I couldn’t sleep last night.

Two am rolled around

Then three and four.

Until at five

I lolled from bed

And sank into coffee instead.

My eyelids sting

It’s either too early

Or too late

I’m not sure which.

I am tired.

And more than tired,

I am weary.

Tired is when your eyes

And mind and body

Are requesting sleep.

Weary is when your

Soul requests a pause.

Not for ever,

Just long enough

For you to take some

Deep breaths

And sit a while

And heal a little

And move past

The sadness and loneliness

That has taken up

Too much space

For too long.

I am tired

And I am weary

And so I sit with my steaming mug

Of freshly brewed coffee.

Because in this moment

That is all I can do.

And in this moment

That is all that is needed.

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