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Am I enough?

A poem for those of us who are ordinary.

Am I enough?

Just plain me and my ordinary life?

I feel like we live in a world

Of ‘supers’ where

The only beauty

Is supermodel beauty

The only strength

Is super strength;

Only the super-rich

Have riches worth mentioning

And only the super successful

Are considered a success.


I sit here

With a life littered

With plainness.

I am not super

I am ordinary.

But somehow my ordinary life

With its simple beauty

And everyday richness

And small acts of courage and strength

Like doing another day

And choosing to forgive

And being willing to go toe to toe

With a shadow that daily

Reminds me that I am not super -

Seems enough somehow.

Enough for who, I suppose?

Well, I think I see

and am starting to know

That this simple, plain

And ordinary life

Is wonderful enough for me.

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