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Blessing and Pain

‘Either-or’ thinking (or duality, as it’s known) is always limited. It always forces us into good/bad, right/wrong, hero/villain comparison.

And it is never true that something is ever all good or all bad, all right or all wrong, all hero or all villain.

One of my practices is a mini-mediation on ‘what if..’ questions that help me get out of a stuck thinking pattern, out of duality. It helps me to explore and be curious and think differently, more widely, in a way that is likely more true.

I have been wondering if this pandemic, the quarantine, the quick flip upside down of normal life is a blessing or a curse. And then I moved to wonder ‘what if this is both pain and blessing?’

What if this is the perfect mix of blessing and pain to help us evolve into who we were always meant to become?
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