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I don't have what it takes

I have a situation that I have been reforming - and it's one of those WHOPPERS that you know will impact pretty much everything. I find myself hiding and shrinking from making steps forward because the potential impact feels like a wave that might sink me.

I'm scared. And I know I don't have what it takes.

And then I remind myself that I have done this before.

I think back to the girl six years ago who knew she didn't have what it took to do the last giant evolution. The truth is - she didn't have what it takes either.

Instead, she became what it took as she moved and evolved and took tiny steps and giant leaps. I am now the fulfillment of what it took, I am the future self she looked towards for inspiration and hope. I had to become her knowing I wasn't her in the moment.

Do I have what it takes now for this new evolution? No, I don't.

But there is a new future self out there, cheering me on, knowing I will become her and discover all I need to have what it takes. I only have to be willing to start now with what I have trusting that what I need will be found on the path or change and evolution.

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