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Learning to create a life giving rhythm

Life has been kinda crazy this past year hasn't it!!??

I know that for many of us we have been thrust into change like never before. And although 'change' is my middle name (Janet, actually... but you get it) this season has been change after change.

For anyone who has been around for a while, you'll know I took a four-month sabbatical from the Reform Coaching business and so you'll not have heard from me over email for a while. If you've recently joined the mail list - 'hi!', it's been tumbleweed quiet but I'm excited to get back into introducing myself and the work I do again.

In my first email back I would like to talk about creating a life rhythm.

Six months ago I realised that I couldn't keep going at the pace I was. I was working 6 days per week and had just left my marriage so was a single parent to two teenagers for most of the week. I was also trying to buy a house, get a divorce - and live through a pandemic! My plate was way too full and I had little time left at the end of my day for rest or play or downtime. In the past, I used to teach about creating life rhythm but I hadn't re-assessed my own rhythm since all the changes had happened in my personal and professional life.

So I took the time one weekend when my kids were with their dad to reassess EVERYTHING. I mapped out a life rhythm that gave me what I needed with some margin for life's weird curveballs. I figured out how much money I needed each month and therefore how much work I needed to do. I chose which type of work would serve me best for the next season, I put in time for rest, for sleep, for play and for time with my kids. And I cut out anything that wasn't necessary or helpful at that time. This rhythm will change again (in fact I'm going to re-do the exercise next week) but now I know how to tap into my own internal wisdom to develop a rhythm of life that works for me - even if everyone else thinks I'm losing the plot!

This week I'd love to point you to two resources that I hope will be interesting and helpful to you. They are both based around the idea of creating a life rhythm (work, rest, and play) that work for you. I am so passionate about people consciously doing this work as I see too many people running themselves into the ground trying to be all they feel they should be, whilst missing out on the life that's available to them. I know for me, this sabbatical has saved my bacon - but I would never have been able to take it, had I not consciously been aware of the rhythm of my own life.

1) I recorded a podcast this week with Alice Benham who is a social media marketing guru. We talked about how life and work run in cycles and how creating a rhythm of life that works for you is a game-changer. Take a listen here.

2) If you are someone who is struggling with creating a rhythm in your life that feels good and healthy (any workaholics out there? Or do you have time but don't know what to do with it so you feel fulfilled?) I have a free resource to help you take stock of where your time and resource goes. It will help you to start to look at creating a life-giving life rhythm. You can download this via this link.

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