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The Gift of Crisis

Friends, well, first of all, let me name the elephant in the room that it's been about 3000 years since my last email to you all.

For those who don't know my life flipped upside down in July when my 20-year relationship with my husband ended. And so I'm emailing you from a new office in a new house and from a new life.

As if 2020 wasn't weird enough huh!

It meant that I rallied all my time and energies into settling me and my kids (and Dog, of course) into a new rhythm... but I'm excited to be settled and back!

If you've done any coaching with me you'll know that I truly believe that crises can be the best thing to happen to us. They're painful and hard and disruptive but if you're able to navigate them well, they help you to sort out your shit.

The word crisis stems back to the word 'to sift'.

And in this season of personal and relational crisis, I have found myself sifting just about everything! The gift of crisis is that we start to see what really matters and what actually doesn't anymore.

On the back of my sifting and shuffling of a whole life, I have found new and better ways to work that bring me both joy and fulfillment; but also work around my new life.

And so I am now offering way less one-to-one coaching spaces but doing more group offerings.

From the first week in November, I am taking a group of solo and small business owners through the process of reform - helping them to do life their way by tearing up the rule book of what 'working for yourself' should look like and instead creating a work-life that is life-giving and aligned.

All spaces are filled for this first round but I am planning on running another one in January 2021. So if you are a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur who finds themselves constantly thinking 'This isn't working! There has to be another way!!, then that next eight-week course may be just what you need.

If you want to get on a waitlist, simply email me and I'll get you on the first round of emails when the next course is ready for potential sign-ups.

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