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  • Writer's pictureHelen Cottee

When grief took its seat

It makes my heart ache

To think of you in the indigo space

Between night and morning

And life and mourning

When you found her

Having left this world.

I can’t think of what your mind had to do

In those first split moments

And oh - your heart -

As it dawned with a cold chill

That she had gone.

I wish I could have stood next to you

As you opened the door,

And clutched your hand

Or maybe your soul

To hold it together in those first few

Bitter moments.

I wish I could have whispered

‘I’m here, my friend

This is not okay,

But you’ll be okay’

as the whir of sorrow

Whipped around you.

It makes me ache that you sat there alone

That you waited alone

That you counted the seconds alone

As grief took its seat next to you

Before I could.

And so I take my seat now,

Me and you

And maybe grief for a while longer.

I wasn’t there

But I am now.

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