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Re-imagine the story

coaching package

This is a six-month package including twelve

50-minute coaching sessions conducted remotely via Zoom plus ongoing messaging support between sessions

Cost: £1800

(six monthly instalments of £300)

The coaching journey

This coaching package will take you on a journey. 

We will explore the seven signposts that will lead you through a process of deconstructing the narrative you were conditioned to believe about yourself, others and the world. We will look at why you made the decisions you did, what informed them, and the story these choices are telling. 

As you deconstruct this old story, you will begin to create something new, something more aligned to who you really are rather, than who you were told you should be. And as you make steps into a new way of being, you will start to give language to a new narrative. You will start to tell a better story.

Over the past decade, people have re-imagined:

in their work life, in their marriages, in their faith, in their parenting, in relation to their family of origin, in their gender identity, in their sexual identity, in their mission, in the way they choose to live out their life... 

They have reimagined personally, professionally and as teams, couples and families. 

And they have walked out better stories that are more aligned, more fulfilling and more impactful in the world.

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